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Are You Willing To Invest

Life seems unfair at times, especially when we do not expect things to go as per our expectations. Wise men say that life is but a chance to learn lessons and that we should accept everything that happens to us as the divine will. But when people go through suffering, it is difficult to remember the words of wisdom and everybody thinks of asking god the only question ‘Why Me’.

It is true that each one of us carries the burden of the cross ourselves and nobody else can help us. It is also true that he gives us only that much which we can bear. Sufferings make us grow up and become stronger. Though we do not realize the lessons we learn during our periods of trial, we definitely realize it much later in life.

One of the basic fundamental values that each of us has got to follow in life is to reach out to help others in need. There are always people who need physical help or emotional, financial assistance etc. There are many people who are too busy working and have no time to spend for others. Such people can make a difference by donating money and other material things to help people. There are many people who may be housewives currently and looking after your own family and raising children. In such cases, it doesn’t take much for you to reach out to support another child who may be an orphan or someone who needs emotional support.

You may be surprised to find that all children do not have a happy childhood. There are many children who go through terrible suffering during their childhood and grow up without any support and care from the adults. These children grow up with a lot of hurt and trauma. Even if the child does not have parents to look after them, it is important for them to have someone who loves them and believes in them. An emotional support helps them grow up and turn out to be good adults. But when the children do not receive such support from anybody, they are likely to have problems even when they grow up. Most often the problems reflect in their relationships. Either the girl or the boy is not able to trust the other partner or might not be kind and loving. In some extreme cases children who have grown up with exposure to a lot of trauma are known to become impotent. Male impotence in such cases is quite normal and is a result of the emotional blockage and trauma suffered as a child. Erectile dysfunction is a direct result of an emotional block. However not many people would know of this connection between their physical problem and their psychological makeup. It calls for detailed investigation and psychoanalysis to understand the underlying factors and a long term treatment to get well.

Knowing how important it is to have someone to love, wouldn’t it be possible for each one of us to adopt one child in our lifetime and stand by and support the child in those precious years? A life time investment indeed.