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Clearing Out The Hype Regarding Male Enhancement Products

Men in the need of assistance for ED are flooded with many things such as ads for drugs treating ED or assure male enhancement with the help of supplements. The recent: a “Viagra condom,” containing a particular gel which helps in the maintenance of an erection while having the protection. The product is known as CSD500 and is manufactured in a British biotech company which is still in progress and not ready for a highlight yet.

Such advancements introduce numerous other products – some valid, many not – that men try to make use of before taking the traditional drugs of ED or undergo the surgery for erectile dysfunction. So how to distinguish what is true and what is hype when talking about the non-medical treatments of ED? Experts were asked to find out what actually works and what does not.

Male Enhancement Supplements: Too good to be real?

The market is filled with products promising great results, assured to give you an erection. But if a statement seems to be too good to be real, it possibly is, advises naturopathic doctor Dean Neary, ND, Chair of physical medicine at Bastyr University, a natural medicine university in Seattle.

“You have got all these supplements out there that seem to provide not only an erect but a bigger penis,” says Dr. Neary. “Making it bigger is not true – the tissue is limited. There may be little hope to repair a weak erection by arousing the blood circulation, but the tissues aren’t going to grow magically an inch longer.”

Alternative Treatments of ED

Neary favors the treatment of ED in the reference of the overall health of a man.

“My method is usually more holistic. I am looking forward to the reduction of weight and increase in the exercise, which can elevate the testosterone levels,” states Neary. He warns that if you attempt to self-medicate with substituent treatments, you might lose a chance to study more about adverse health concerns, like heart disease that could be responsible for ED.

Here is a list of some alternative methods you can use with a trained professional:

  • ACUPUNCTURE: The another treatment which involves placing the thin needles into the skin at considered locations, has been in use for many years in China
  • L- arginine: “The high dosage of incurring release of L-arginine operates like Cialis and Viagra,” says Neary.
  • EXERCISE: Being more active physically can assist ED in several ways such as enhance heart function and elevation of testosterone levels.
  • GINSENG: Ginseng is mostly advised as an herbal therapy for ED.
  • GINKGO BILOBA: Apart from its claimed use as a memory relief, this herb is believed to elevate sexual function.

Be Frank about ED

Open Interaction is the key to success for the treatment of ED. Neary says that his maximum time is spent enlightening the patients and the partners about the working of penis and erections. If you want to use alternative products, always ensure that you keep your urologist updated so that there are no clashes with the underlying drugs.