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Enjoy A Happy Life With A Good Health

Everyone wishes for a good health and want to have a happy healthy life. There are different health issues which can appear in men during their normal routine. Fever, cough and nausea are few of those health problems which frequently appear when weather changes. Use of prescribed medicine for 1-2 days makes the person normal. Contrary to this, a few health issues are those which occur quite rare but they require more attention and better treatment. Cancer, diabetes, AIDS are some of the examples of such health issues which need to be attended at their earliest. In this article, I shall discuss about a specific problem related to men’s health and it is known as erectile dysfunction. This is a sexual problem in which the affected man cannot attain penile erection for sexual intercourse. We all are well aware of importance of erected penis for sexual activity. Without having an erection, the man cannot think of having satisfactory sexual intercourse.

Erectile dysfunction is caused by several problems like high blood pressure, spinal cord injury, diabetes and heart disease etc so if one is looking for a way to avoid this sexual problem then he needs to avoid these causes. What actually happens in erectile dysfunction? This question comes in the mind of many people and only a few people have knowledge regarding this. Basically, penile erection depends upon the blood flow rate through penis. The blood flow increases automatically when the man feels sexually excited. This increase in blood flow through penile arteries makes the penis erected and then the man can have sex with his partner. A person suffering from erectile dysfunction cannot get penile erection because of less blood flow. The reason behind less flow rate is contraction of blood pathway through arteries due to the deposition of cholesterol. Certain medicines are sold in market for this purpose. The use of these medicines increases the blood flow through blood arteries in penis and thus helps it to get erection. Viagra, Levitra and Cialis are some well known medicines which can be used for erectile dysfunction treatment. Their use gives penile erection up to 4 hrs that is more than enough to have satisfactory sexual intercourse. One thing that affected men should keep in their mind that the use of these medicines can only treat erectile dysfunction. They are not made to cure erectile dysfunction.

The marriage life is very important to every man and he always tries to make it beautiful. Sex is very important to continue a happy marriage life. If a man is unable to meet sexual need of woman, then he might face difficulty in continuing the relationship. For all men who are affected by erectile dysfunction should try using these medicines by the recommendation of doctor. They will surely find it helpful for the sexual activity. However, it is highly recommended to every patient of erectile dysfunction to first meet a professional doctor first and then start taking any medicine as serious side effects are also related to their use.