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Living Life Healthy And Happy

We believe that we are living in better times. We are moving towards technological age. Internet and telecommunication have changed our lifestyle. From the comfortable environs of our home we are able to pay our bills, shop online, book tickets, buy insurance as well as do our banking through internet. We are able to be in constant touch with our loved ones, family and friends all the time irrespective of the geographical distances and locations.

Children of today are growing up with laptops and mobiles as a part of their natural upbringing. Technology comes naturally to the modern day children. The teaching methods adopted in the school today are technology enabled and children use internet for their homework and learning. Using mobiles too has become an integral part of our life. GPS through mobiles has enabled parents to keep in touch with and keep a track of their children as well as of the elderly at home.

Women no longer have to go through the manual labor and domestic chores. Their life has become easier thanks to the modern gadgets. The lifestyle of women has changed totally. Today’s woman is more career oriented and empowered. The quality of material life is much better and in turn this has impacted the physical health and wellbeing of women in the developed economies and societies.

But then, the material advancement alone is not good enough for the overall wellbeing and health of women. The growing trends of mental problems faced by women in their struggle to juggle with the work and office as well as relationships is showing in the form of life style diseases, anxiety, stress, depression and nervous breakdowns. The number of people succumbing to mental problems is much higher today. Suicidal tendencies, isolation and loneliness too have increased in the society.

If you thought that these problems are concerning only women, it would not be true. Even the teenage girls and adolescents are seen to grapple with different set of problems. The availability of internet and wider information without restrain through the internet is actually hampering many of the teenage girls with harmful and wrong information regarding sex and relationships. The modern day lifestyle is causing increasing obesity amongst the teenagers today. In most of the developed countries, the lifestyle of teenagers is become a major cause of worry. Girls need balanced diet and nutrition when they hit adolescence. They also need a safe and protective environment. The adolescents today tend to have freedom to choose what they watch or read and what they eat. There is a growing trend to lead a sedentary life, binge on fast food and fatty food and keep mind busy with video games without really educating oneself about all facets of life. This kind of lifestyle is leading to health problems due to overweight and early onset of diabetes and blood pressure in the adolescent age. With lack of parental supervision especially in the case of girls, the academic performance is falling down and teenager girls are more prone to going astray.

Can we really say that the women and girl of today have a better health than before? Well, the answer can be a Yes as far as the physical health care goes and no as far as the other aspects of health goes. We have a long way to go and miles to walk before we secure a healthy life for our women and girls all over the world.