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Looking at Life Through Professional Perspective

As the HR head of a Company, my job is to deal with people. Human relations have always interested me and i have managed to find that job that involves my interest. I would say this is the best recipe for professional happiness – to be able to do something you like.

Managing a workforce, retaining and developing talent amongst the employees is a very huge challenge. Human resource scene is highly dynamic and ever changing. Having been in this field for over two decades, one becomes adept at understanding people and their problems without having to be told explicitly as to what is bothering an employee.

I must say that i have been fairly successful in having high retention in my organisation. Employee turnover is very negligible. In these modern times where hire and fire seems to be the order of the day and the people are constantly changing jobs every two years, we have a steady workforce that has been with us for over a decade.

One of the guiding principles that i have always followed in my profession has been to always look at employee behaviour and problems with the perspective of human nature. This has helped me to deal with each issue at the root cause and thus help the individual come out of his problems rather than deal with his behavioural symptoms that are manifesting as disturbances in his work life.

Depending upon the age group of the employees i have tabulated some of the problems that arise naturally in the course of life. I call some of these traits as lifestyle problems. For example, one of the characteristics seen with the youth group is that their output and concentration varies over the week. Towards the end of the week, people tend to get preoccupied with the coming weekend. I can tell by looking at a person’s face how his weekend was. I am also able to spot problems that the youth has with their relationships and have often found calling them over for a chat and making them unburden themselves. This helps them deal with their emotions better and as a result they are better able to concentrate on their jobs.

Normally when men and women are fast approaching fifties, we see them going into menopausal phase. This happens not only with women but with men too. The mood swings, the high state of restlessness coupled with hormonal changes in the body is normal for both men and women. While women go through what is known as Menopause, in men it is called Andro pause. In men there is a dip in the production of the testosterone thereby resulting in loss of energy, erectile dysfunction etc. Since not many are aware of male andropause, the people around the person are not prepared to deal with the issues arising out of the person’s behavioural attitudes. Often it causes strain and discontent in the relationship between the man and the wife which becomes evident on his face as well as behaviour at the workplace. The solution to this problem is simple. It doesn’t take me long to get the person to the doctor who will prescribe some hormonal replacement therapy coupled with Viagra and multi vitamins. As soon as he starts with the medication, the result can be seen almost immediately. The physical health and energy improves. With Viagra he is able to engage successfully in a physical relationship with his spouse and thereby the relationship improves. In many cases i have also sent the couples on a paid holiday to a resort for a week long holiday which seems to work very fine and help them find rediscover each other.

I am glad, i chose this profession. No single day is the same. Human emotions are varied and i get to see them in different colours every. So, if you are facing a hampered sex life by erectile dysfunction, then buy Viagra in Australian pharmacy and experience a new spark today night.

Is Too Much Viagra Dangerous?

Taking Viagra is a common norm today. Many men depend on this drug for a great intimate life. Viagra sure helps them by leaps and bounds. It helps all the men with impotency or erectile dysfunction to lead a normal sex life.

Viagra or sildenafil, works by making more and more blood flow into the penis when a man is stimulated sexually. The blood offers a firm erection to the penis.

Viagra might be considered a boon by many men but, this would never change the fact that overusing it can cause an irreparable damage to health. Taking too much Viagra can be very- very dangerous.

When you take too much of Viagra, you will experience the overdose symptoms. The overdose symptoms include:

Occurrence of more of these symptoms denotes that you are taking Viagra way too much and you must trim your dose.

Taking too much Viagra can cause:


Priapism is painful erection that stays several hours. This painful condition occurs when too much blood flows into the penis keeping it erected for several hours.

Many men who take too much Viagra experience painful erection or discomfort during erection but, they take the situation lightly. They must not take the situation lightly and contact their doctor.

It is a serious condition that can be a life- long damage. When the blood flow inside the penis is more, oxygen does not reach the tissues and this can cause irreparable damage to the penile tissues. This can also cause disfiguration of the penis or permanent erectile dysfunction. It can lead your penis to swell up enormously.

Excessive blood in the penis must then be removed by using medications or surgery.

Reduced Blood Pressure

A drop in the blood pressure is another side- effect of taking Viagra more than the designated dose. The men who take too much Viagra feel nauseated, dizzy and too weak. They also experience short breath, difficulty in concentrating on anything and blurry vision.

A drop in blood pressure due to excessive dose of Viagra can lead to serious conditions. In severe cases, the amount of oxygen reaching the important organs of the body like brain and heart reduces. This can cause organ damage.

Taking Viagra can help you to have an amazing sex life and a blissful relation but, taking too much of it has all the potential to do more bad than doing any good. The ideal dose of taking Viagra is just one pill each day. Remember; never take more than one pill in a day.

If you are taking Viagra but, could not see any positive effect, then instead of increasing the dose by yourself, you must talk to your doctor. Your doctor would modify the dose and you would begin to harvest benefit from the use of Viagra. But, if you take it too much to garner positive effects, it will hamper your physical and mental well being.

Diseases, except ED, which can be treated by Sildenafil

Viagra is the brand name used to market sildenafil created by the pharmaceutical firm known as Pfizer. Much the same as Cialis, Viagra is a part from the class of pharmaceuticals called PDE 5 inhibitors. Therefore of the way that PDE5 inhibitors rely on upon the typically basic arrival of nitric oxide over the cross of sexual enthusiasm, these remedies can simply act amidst sexual excitation. According to the website, Viagra has a possibly greater practicality when diverged from Cialis and it is a direct result of this reason Viagra was bolstered and gotten a handle on by the FDA in the late 90s. Viagra is not proposed to be consumed along with your regular diet since high-fat food items in your diet can diminish its appropriateness. After it is taken, Viagra tends to start its effect inside 30 minutes and can last viably for around four to five hours. It is supported to take a standard confirmation of about 50 mg, generally before a hour of starting sexual intercourse. In any case, if taken more often than prescribed, various side effects, for instance, flushing, cerebral pains and stomach aches can happen.

Is Viagra Limited to Treat Only ED?
Viagra is currently being utilized to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) as well as pulmonary arterial hypertension. It has also been said in a recent report from a reputed laboratory that in view with the contents of Viagra and its overall functioning, it has the potential to treat many other diseases apart from erectile dysfunction. The entire market of the erectile dysfunction drugs have been dominated by three forerunners, Cialis (containing Tadalafil), Viagra (containing Sildenafil) and Levitra. All these three medications work with the same principles and all three of them show similar side effects.

Some Common Side Effects of Viagra
The most widely recognized are cerebral pains and facial flushing, which happen in approximately 20% of the men. Different responses incorporate nasal blockage, heartburn, and back pain. These symptoms are gentle and transitory. The most imperative stress over ED medications is their capacity to widen and relax the veins to lower pulse to an alarming level. Apart from this, one should never consume any kind of ED medication if he is taking any kind of medication containing a good amount of nitrates.
Albeit a portion of the medications’ symptoms might be problematic, others might be useful, and researchers are considering whether these ED medications may help treat an assortment of nonsexual issues. Viagra (sildenafil) has been available for the longest period of time on the market and is generally examined for this purpose. It’s yet uncertain if the other ED medications offer comparable advantages, yet Viagra, at any rate, may demonstrate helpful for some different conditions, including the following:

Pulmonary hypertension
Another medication having the same ingredients and composition like that of Viagra is used to treat this gruesome disease in which the blood pressure levels rise to extremely high alarming levels. This medication is known as Revatio and is marketed by Pfizer itself.

Mountain sickness
Various athletes need to train at different altitudes in order to improve their performances. So, when they practice in the mountains or high-altitude areas, they face a lack of oxygen, due to which the athletes cannot perform to their optimum level. Sildenafil, however, increases the supply of oxygen to other parts of the body and thus prevent the athletes from mountain sickness.

Can Viagra Make You Blind?

Individuals experiencing Erectile Dysfunction have rushed to grasp the Impotence sedate called Viagra. No one can discount the adequacy of Viagra against Impotence yet there are a few situations where the medication is vulnerable to some real reactions. These could be in the shape a coronary illness, diabetes and visual deficiency.

New investigations uncover the conceivable effect of Viagra on the perceivability of a man. As indicated by British Journal of Ophthalmology, a man may all of a sudden lose his visual perception bringing about Blindness. The specialists treating the issue have cautioned their patients against the new drop out of Viagra.

Specialists dealing with the subject feel that the medication could be lessening the stream of blood to the optic nerves bringing about the harm. Erectile Dysfunction drugs take a shot at the system of moving more blood into the penis. The measure of blood being constrained outcomes in ill-advised circulation of blood to different parts of the body. This might be one of the reasons for visual deficiency in individuals expending the medication.

The producers, however, have censured the new investigation saying the examination is exceptionally short and there is no evident sign of “Viagra” being exclusively in charge of Blindness and vision loss.

Studies are as yet in progress to discover an ever increasing number of cases, where individuals have experienced a sudden visual deficiency in the wake of devouring Viagra. The scientists keep on encouraging men to have the meeting of a doctor before running any further with Viagra.

FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has detailed that the current instances of visual impairment may have been because of diabetes and heart issues that individuals conveyed before devouring the medication. In any case, it has been realized that the issue affects individuals experiencing Erectile Dysfunction and the harm is more deadly in individuals expending the blue bill.

The producers of Erectile Dysfunction tranquilize have diverse perspectives with respect to the entire issue. They say the outcomes could shift contingent upon the patient’s observational nature, his reviewing limit and the biasness of the meeting individual.

Pfizer representative Daniel Watts said there is no evidence that Viagra caused the visual impairment. He said that men who take Viagra regularly have hypertension and elevated cholesterol, which is additionally connected with the conditions that can cause visual deficiency. This type of sudden visual deficiency is caused by the blockage of blood stream to the optic nerve and is most basic in more established individuals, who excessively utilize Viagra.

Every one of these patients had other hazard factors for this kind of vision misfortune, including hypertension, elevated cholesterol or diabetes.

As scientists stay unverifiable, FDA authorities said they didn’t know whether the medications cause the visual deficiency. Yet, they requested that marks for erectile brokenness pharmaceuticals must incorporate notices about a potential connection with sudden visual impairment. The new name said such vision misfortune, known as non-arteritic front ischemic optic neuropathy, “has been accounted for once in a while.”

Food For Thought

We humans are the most complicated beings and notably superior beings too. Man is but a bundle of emotions and habit tendencies. It is said that the habit tendencies are stored up in memory from the past lives, which is why you find every human being is different. Our thought patterns, attitudes and emotions depend largely upon our state of evolution.

However intellectual or intelligent, man is still ruled by emotions. It is said by saints that the universe is held together by love and forgiveness. Essentially it is these two qualities that help the beings related with one another and keep the world and society together. Where there is no love we see the absence of rationale and a sense of aggression that replaces patience and forgiveness, giving rise to terrorism and vandalism in the absence of emotional restraints of any sort.

Family and relationship are the basic format of living in our society. We humans are social animals. Unlike animals which do live in groups but are driven solely by the instinct, humans are driven by logic, reasoning, wisdom, intelligence as well as feelings. We are also largely guided by the moral and ethical values that are laid down by the society to ensure smooth living and co-existence. Society lays down the format for a family and defines the role that is required to be played by the parents in looking after the children and raising them to grow as responsible citizens and good human beings.

Therefore every man and woman who is wedded to each other has a duty and a role to play. Apart from living for themselves, they now have got to think of their children as well as the other family members too.

In the modern day world, the relationships are breaking apart and every society is going through upheaval. Modern day technology and lifestyle has given impetus to the concept of individual freedom and empowerment, resulting in people thinking for themselves and putting their individual happiness in front of the happiness of their family. Nuclear families, divorces and separations have become the order of the day. While individuals do not realize the ills of such a urban style of living, the facts prove otherwise.

The urban style of living is giving rise to increase in lifestyle diseases as well as problems such as infertility and impotence in women as well as in men. While women are finding it difficult to conceive, men are suffering from erectile dysfunction. Male impotence too has been in existence since times immemorial. It was always thought that male impotence was either a age related problem or due to excessive sexual indulgence and behavior. Today the incidences of male impotence is increasing and the causes are also known to vary from the above mentioned ones. Apart from emotional and behavioral problems as the main causes, hormonal problems, lifestyle diseases like diabetes, blood pressure and heart diseases as well as hypothyroidism and other physical problems like Variocoele are identified.

From the looks of it, one feels that it is better to live a stress free and active lifestyle with the old fashioned family values in place so that peace and health returns back. Man, instead of chasing professional goals and money as well as increased standard of living, should be focusing instead on his health, peace of mind and a minimalistic lifestyle and believe in contributing to his family and society at large.

The Sex Will Always Be In Your Intimate Relationships

Many times you will find that life is going to interfere with natures plan. All men have had some times where they were not able to get it up or even keep it up. The main causes of this is the common flu, being exhausted, some times it’s even the anxieties that would the erectile abilities.

There also are the times that the ED would become the ongoing issue in ones life. The causes of this would be due to diabetes, the high blood pressure, along with the clogged arteries that would reduce the blood flow that is flowing to your penis. ED could also be happen due to the physical block that would be due to having and enlarged prostate, the hormonal imbalances, or even certain medications. This is a very hard topic for you to share with your doctor, but you truly need to.

These days, the scientists and the doctors truly understand how ED could affect you along with your partner’s well-being and mental health. Along with them understanding this, they have also learned the many different causes of the ED. Many times when trying to fix the cause, you will see that the ED would also be improved. There are times that medications are used to help with this problem.

Not too long ago, on the market there was just one pill out there that would help with the Ed issues. This was Viagra. But they had found out the when using Viagra, they would have to plan when they would be having intercourse around their pill this had taken the spontaneity away from their sex lives.

An alternative to this pill would be the Viagra. It would work just like the Viagra, but encourages the muscles to be able to let even more blood to flow to your penis just at the right timing, that would be during your sexual stimulation.

The Viagra can effectively target the correct parts of your muscles, this way less of your medication would be needed. Viagra actually starts working very quickly, within about 30 or 40 minutes after taking the pill. It will stay active for you for about 16 hours or even longer. With taking this drug you will never have to worry about what ifs.

Now if Viagra is sounding like the pill you will want to take, you will need to make your appointment with the doctor and talk it. But you will also need to know that if you happen to be taking nitrates high blood pressure meds, you will not be able to take the Viagra due to the effects it would have on you.

So make sure that you do talk to the doctor about the side effects you could experience and how you could manage them all. The most common of the side effects would be headaches, your blood rushing to your face, and a very slight runny nose.

Just like any other drug, there also is the very slim chance of the very serious side effect such as an erection lasting over many hours along with changes in your vision. If these were to happen you would need to see your doctor right away!