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Mending A Broken Heart

We’ve all been there, going through a breakup can be tough and mending a broken heart can be even tougher. Picking up the pieces will take time and a little extra effort on your part. You should keep in mind that while you are going through this process, you will likely experience a wide variety of emotions ranging from anger and sadness to fear and disappointment. These are all very normal human emotions. Your feelings are valid and you have the right to grieve the loss of the relationship in any way that you see fit, as long as you are not self-destructive or engaging in other harmful practices.

Accepting that you and your part note are no longer together and probably will not get back together is the first step in the process. If the breakup was not initiated by you this step can be even harder. It may help to sit down and put together a short list of things you wish to do, or activities you wish to engage in while you were going through a breakup. Planning future events and activities will help keep your mind busy, helping you not to dwell on your current situation for very long.

It’s important to validate everything that you are feeling. It’s okay to be sad or upset, and really sitting in those feeling and acknowledging them is the only way to fully process what has happened. It can be painful but it is a necessary step. Pushing these emotions to the back burner and allowing them to invade every aspect of your life is unhealthy.

Another important thing is to not blame yourself. If you were in a relationship and were the best partner you could possibly be then you have nothing to feel guilty about. Over time people change and grow apart. The breakup may not have been initiated by you, but if your partner has decided that they no longer wish to be in a relationship with you, the best thing you can do is tell yourself that you put in all of your effort and for this particular person it just wasn’t enough. That doesn’t make you responsible or a bad person, it means that your partner could not recognize the potential in your relationship.

If the breakup was initiated by you, you may still experience feelings of loss and disappointment, especially if you initiated the breakup because of infidelity or an extramarital affair. Feelings of anger and hurt can dominate your everyday life. You need to process these emotions while also realizing that you deserve better and there are people out there who are ready and willing to give you the respect you deserve. Try not to be too hard on yourself. You will find happiness again.

Probably the most important aspect of mending a broken heart lies in your ability to look at the overall picture. People go through breakups. Just how life is. Learning to weather these storms will build character and allow you to see that you are the determining factor in whether you will be happier not. You are the master of your own ship. Weather the storm, and sail into calmer waters.