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Souls And Nature

In the orient children are considered to be gods. Up to the age they attain puberty, they are innocent and are untouched by the external environment and influences. They are such pure souls with no traces of any of the human emotions be it anger, hatred, jealousy, greed etc. Their divine and pure nature is a source of joy to the adults and it is this purity that attracts us to them.

As they begin to grow up they begin to start developing their sense organs and start exploring the world around them. Their impressions are first formed through their contact with the mother, from the sounds they hear from people around them and light etc. Slowly as their sense organs begin to grow, their understanding of their external environment begins to grow too and they start learning the ways of the world.

In the initial stages the children know to cry when they are hungry or uncomfortable. Any form of displeasure is exhibited through crying. Slowly children learn to throw tantrums and exhibit anger as they start growing. Depending upon the soul nature of the child his or her behavior starts developing. Some children are physically aggressive and energetic. Some love outdoors while there are many children who like to sit in one place and play with the toys. Some children like to sound of music and love watching birds and animals while some love playing in the water or are into more aggressive games.

With the child’s behavior we can easily understand the soul nature of the child. The soul nature is something that the child brings with it right from its pre native period. It is the sum of the qualities and impressions that the soul have imbibed and carried with it over its cycle of evolution. A child with a mild nature cannot and will not turn out to be aggressive no matter what the situation may be. Their interests and skills are more likely to be conducive to their inner nature.

If a mild and good natured child suddenly turns aggressive and starts behaving differently after puberty, there need not be a cause for concern. Normally during puberty the male hormones secretion in the body brings about physical as well as psychological changes in the youth. A sudden spurt in the production of male hormone can induce a certain amount of aggression both in terms of physical aggression as well as mental aggression in the youth. Blame it on the hormones, but the youth is likely to behave differently from his natural self for a while till he settles down and gets back to his normal nature. Hormonal changes can also bring about and give push to the hidden characteristics of the personality to come to the fore front. A Youth who was shy and introvert may become a healthy extrovert interested in creative field and also develop into a well rounded individual and an orator. Male hormone helps the growth of the youth and helps him bring out his hidden talents and characteristics during the process of growth and maturity.

Be it in the childhood or adulthood and later in the old age, individuals always come across as personalities with certain basic nature which is recognizable. The other added and learnt behavior serves to polish the basic nature of the person. As he goes through life, he accumulates impressions and learning that further add to his personality and to his nature. But essentially his soul nature remains pure and shines through his eyes.