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Staying Healthy and Fit by Keeping Standard Weight

Most people engage in activities that risk their health through overweight and enormous weight gain that later pose a health risk for their survival. The efforts that come in later to cut on this weight come with expensive commitments that include medical plans that are costly but necessary to undertake. Despite the plans, doing away with some of the risks is never a one-time activity or medical plan. The later struggles and medical plans towards doing away with the risks can be regulated at an early stage through observation of a healthy lifestyle and living that observes certain practices on a given periodical pattern.

Effects of Overweight

The effects of overweight are far reaching and beyond what the physical eye can see. Overweight mostly is an effect of too much fat that gets stored in a subcutaneous layer of the skin. This gets to spread to blood vessels and deposit around the arteries reducing the lumen of the vessels that affect the ease of blood flow in the vessels. The reduced blood flow affects oxygen delivery around the body organs and tissues. Tissues like the cardiac muscles (Muscles of the heart), brain and lungs function with a certain threshold of Oxygen gas.

Poor oxygen delivery to tissues results in these tissues working extra hard to cater for the compensation of the extra oxygen demand. The extra functionality is a strain to the activities of these tissues and may result in the inability to carry well their required physiological functions. The strain results in enlargement of the organs a condition mostly described as tissue atrophy. Depending on an organ and the subsequent body activities, the medical effect on the organ can be detrimental and take any extreme form. Some of these effects include cancer, organ failure that can lead to multi-organ failure and on the extreme, death.

Other effects of overweight include cosmetic effects, working efficiency and the need for support to undertake regular life activities. Overweight can similarly affect your job capability and the ability to seek employment and get employed.

Avoiding Overweight

Junk food and sedentary life havebeen mostly associated with individuals who later develop overweight. Although it is argued that some people overweight factor is genetically induced, the diet choices and the lifestyle play a vital role in one developing overweight.

Fewer fats in the diet and standard oils intake in food reduces the risk of developing overweight. Deep fried foods, fatty meat and junk food should be avoided in the diet at all costs. Once a diet is healthy constituted and maintained, the side effects such as overweight cannot be experienced.

Regular Work Out

Workout helps burn-out excess fat deposits in the body and establish healthy organs well kept. Although it is recommended to work out daily, depending on one’s schedule this may be hard. However, regular workout can be as important as daily work out. This should involve intensive field or gym activities that target to reduce the fat deposits in the body. Doing this on a regular basis gets the body used to the practice and maintaining a standard weight that is healthy for an individual.