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The Three Worst Times For A Man’s Sex Life

Erectile dysfunction is certainly one of the most frustrating and discouraging conditions that any man could ever face in his lifetime. As a matter of fact, a certain statistic shows that about five percent of men who were about 40 years old, as well as men who were about 65 years old, usually had battles with erectile dysfunction in the long run. However, some of the times, erectile dysfunction is usually triggered by certain circumstances which may vary from issues that arise from a night time of boozing to an extremely stressful week at work. This is what is usually referred to as situational erectile dysfunction and it usually occurs quite more often than you may actually be aware of it. In summary, getting an erection is basically a biological process that is quite complicated. This process can certainly disrupt quite easily and there are quite a number of forces that could actually help you reduce the potential of blood finding its way into the penis.

At the end of a guys night out

If you are seeking to really battle erectile dysfunction, the first thing you must have at the back of your mind is the need for you to battle all traces of alcohol addiction that may exist in your life as a man. Studies have shown that a night filled with alcohol usually more often than not translates into issues of erectile dysfunction in the bedroom later on. As a matter of fact, during the course of a certain study of about 1,500 Chinese men, it was discovered that men who took in at least three drinks every other week were more susceptible to issues of erectile dysfunction later on. The mathematics involved is such that the greater the quantity of alcohol you take in, the lower your sexual capabilities become. More often than not, men are usually compromised in this regard especially as it has to do with getting older; hence, alcohol can certainly be a major inhibitor to attaining an erection.

Anxiety before a big day

Certain landmark dates such as an upcoming wedding, a job interview, a presentation or even a case of all of the aforementioned scenarios popping up could very well lead to an issue of stress that could also translate to erectile dysfunction. What stress does is to have hormone inhibitors released which implies that any form of it may lead to issues of erectile dysfunction. What stress does, in essence, is to lead to the overdrive of the sympathetic nervous system which could, in turn, lead to issues of erectile dysfunction.

The baby making season

Among the chief factors that are more likely to stress a man, perhaps the chief among them especially for a married couple will be the period when they are trying to have children especially when it is appearing to be more difficult than expected. In this scenario, a number of men begin to view sex as more of a routine than a fun exercise instead of it being a pleasurable activity. This more often than not leads to erectile dysfunction. The rate of erectile dysfunction more often than not leads to erectile dysfunction.

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