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The Week End Pill

Disorders like erectile dysfunction increase the gaps between the two loving partners. Such disorders could be successfully cured by potentially effective Cialis. The drug is an unusually strong treatment of ED and enhances physical pleasures tremendously.

Cialis is also called “the Week End pill” as it is distinctly capable of giving the male with 36 hours of continuous erection time. Unlike other such treatments, the medicine of Cialis is not restricted by food taken with the medicine.

Yellow colored pills of Cialis are orally administered approximately 30 minutes before sexual act and are available with the strengths of 5mg, 10mg and 20mg.

Primarily, Cialis inhibits catabolism of cGMP by PDE5 found abundantly in penile tissues. This way the blood vessels of the penis dilate under the action of cGMP produced continuously by NO from vascular endothelium. Blood flow to corpus cavernosum of penis increases and erection is achieved to relieve ED potently.

Short response time with no food restriction makes Cialis the highest in the efficacy of such drugs but appropriate sexual stimulation is the sole need of the effects of the drug to ensue.

Side effects of the drug include headache, runny nose, congestion of nasal cavity and pain in muscles and back though they diminish within a day.

Organic and amyl nitrates may reinforce hypotension so are strictly prohibited from used along with Cialis. Though the drug is used “as needed”, patients with hepatic and renal disorders are advised to consult their doctors about the appropriate dosage of Cialis to be taken.

Relieve your sexual frustration all by a single medicine, Cialis. Order the medicine inline from our online pharmacy in the original most quality and make your treatment of ED affordable than ever before.


Cialis is one of the best drugs that have been approved by the FDA for curing erectile dysfunction or impotency. Cialis is very popular and very effective though its effectiveness is not so different from other drugs that are meant to treat the same problem such as Cialis and Viagra among others. Cialis is a brand name for tadalafil which is the main ingredient in it. This ingredient acts by allowing the muscles to relax and hence more blood flow into the penis. All drugs have side effects though they occur differently to different patients. Cialis also has its side effects that may include eye pain, penile tissue damage, stuffy nose, palpitations, rash, back pain, permanent loss of ones potency, heart attacks, abdominal pain and stuffy nose among others.

Cialis can also cause serious headaches though many people are not aware of this. Headaches are very painful and are not comfortable at all. It is advised that before you start taking Cialis you should research thoroughly and know what it can cause and be aware because it will help you understand what you are experiencing during the medication. At times one can be responsible for the kind of discomfort that he is feeling due to the kind of his life style. In case of headaches, many people just rush to the shops for the over the counter drugs or medicines in order to settle the pain without seeking to know its causes.

Before taking Cialis or any other medicine, it is recommended that you know the cause of your headache and know the proper medicine that can help you stop the pain without putting your life at a risk. Also while under Cialis medication, you must not take any medicine before consulting your doctor because Cialis cannot be taken together with some drugs. Many drugs side effects can cause serious headaches and the same implies to Cialis. Note that Cialis is a prescription drug that is used to cure male impotency. It allows the blood to flow into the penis and thus leads to an erection but its side effects are not experienced on the penis alone but to all parts of the body plus your brain too.

The headache that is caused by the drug Cialis is because of the blood that is forced to flow through the bodies arteries especially the ones that are in the brain. The headache that is caused by Cialis only affects other people not all patients who use Cialis. At times this headache can be unbearable. When it reaches this point you should consult your doctor immediately. This condition can force you to stop Cialis medication but you have to consult your doctor first. This is because your doctor is the one who can decide a suitable medication that cannot risk your health. Also before you start treating the side effects of Cialis such as headache, you should consider what might have caused your impotency problem because not all conditions must be treated with drugs but just by changing our life styles.